Come learn the joyful walking meditation technique of love breathing.Walking-Meditator

Walking naturally opens the heart, calms the mind and activates energy in the spine. Practicing some select, time-honored yogic techniques while walking, creates a meditation that can uplift one into peaceful, invigorated joy. It increases ones intuition and creativity while also helping one deepen their sitting meditation practice.

This simple, yet profound, technique can enhance and strengthen any person’s spiritual practices. Being non-sectarian, yet deeply spiritual, it augments Buddhist, Christian, Hindu practices and from any path that has love at its core. It effectively brings a “walking form” to Buddhist Metta/loving-kindness meditation or Christian and Hindu devotional/contemplative practices.

Two-hour classes can be given for groups or at centers.

Please contact me to discuss.

A weekly drop-in walking meditation is offered most Thursday nights in Mountain View, see the Drop-in page for more details.

When I started this walking meditation over 9 years ago, my spiritual practice transformed from one of mostly struggle, to one where peace and vibrant joy became a common occurrence. This came about after having regularly meditated while sitting for over 15 years beforehand. Both the sitting and walking meditation now complement and strengthen each other in my personal practice.

A book about this practice,
“Love Breathing, Experience Divine Joy with Every Breath You Breathe”
is available through Amazon or can be downloaded free at www.lovebreathing.org.

As a retired high-tech executive, I now volunteer as the farming manager at Ananda Valley Farm in Half Moon Bay, CA and share the wonderful blessing of this walking meditation technique.

I look forward to sharing it with you.

 Joyful blessings,
Eric Munro


eric munro 48 @ gmail . com

Comments about the class and the book:

“Dear Eric, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate
the walk a few weeks ago. Your technique really helps me focus
in the moment and surrender worries … Your website led me to
the book you wrote. … Thank you!”

“Thanks for such a beautiful book. Thanks again”

“I felt love all around, everywhere …
You could do this all the time!”

“Thank you … I could not stop reading …. an answer to my
prayer, … you spoke to my heart through your book.”


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